Who Else Wants To Enjoy Owning Real Estate In Sunny Isles Beach FL

Miami is melting pot city, a place that draws in people of all races, religions, social statuses, and sexes. It is a city of diversity, drawing in millions of people from across the globe to take advantage of its beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, high-end shopping, stunning real estate and incredible restaurants. So who exactly is real estate in Sunny Isles FL for?

Business Professionals

Sunny Isles Beach is a 40-minute drive and easy commute to Brickell, Miami’s financial powerhouse district. Business professionals who want to leave the suit and tie atmosphere of Brickell and come home to a neighborhood that is more relaxed and slow paced buy real estate in Sunny Isles Beach. The cool, calm and collected vibes of Sunny Isles balance out the hectic workweek of professionals who are constantly on the go. Sunny Isles Beach has it’s own unique employment opportunities that make it easy for residents to live and work in this charming beach town.

Growing Families

Young couples move to Sunny Isles Beach to experience a safe and family friendly neighborhood in which to raise their kids. With great schools, many public parks, and children’s activities, families can find luxury condos and apartments as well as spacious estates to put down their roots and grow their family in a diverse, inclusive, and exciting city. Condominium complexes like Acqualina Ocean have children’s programs right on site, and most are within just a few miles of playgrounds, splash pads, and other family-friendly activities.

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When the kids are grown and it is time to enjoy the chapter of their lives with more freedom and fewer responsibilities, many seniors choose Sunny Isles Beach to spend their retirement. Condos and apartments offer low maintenance living while giving residents easy access to everyday conveniences like grocery stores, banks, retail shops, restaurants, pharmacies and the beach.  Classes, workshops, and activities geared towards seniors give retirees plenty of opportunities to be involved in their community, meet new friends, and continue their active and healthy lifestyle.

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College Students and Grads

With the University of Miami just down the road, college students who were set on living in trendy cities like Downtown and SoFi during freshman year are now flocking to more quiet and relaxed places like Sunny Isles Beach towards the end of their educational journey. This charming city gives students plenty of quiet places to study and read, while also putting them close to exciting events and activities on the weekend. The proximity to local colleges and universities makes it easy to get to campus regularly but also provides enough space to separate school life vs. home life.

Who else buys Sunny Isles Beach real estate? People who are looking for a beautiful city to call home, who want quick access to the beaches, shopping venues, and local restaurants, who are interested in luxury real estate with amazing views, and who want to be part of an inclusive community that makes them feel at home.

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